Shared Movie Universes

By Grant

With yet another Marvel movie premiering last week, the King Kong Godzilla universe, and the revival of the Universal Monster movie universe there seems to be a new(ish) trend in Hollywood. Shared Movie Universes (from now on SMU) aren’t sequels as those are obviously in the same universe, rather they are movies that occur in the same universe and are connected in small (or large) ways to the other films in the universe.   Star Wars is a SMU now with Rogue One, which had tangential connections to the other films.  SMUs may be a terrible thing (they are), why can’t we just have regular stand alone films, or even just a sequel,  but … I started thinking about other “unofficial” SMUs.  It seems logical that all of Wes Anderson’s movies occur in a SMU, but then you run across the problem that he uses the same actors over and over and over again. Have you seen the amazing theory of the shared Pixar universe?  Here are some movies that I enjoy more thinking that they occur in the same universe.

Mad Max: Fury Road  and The Road.  I envision these two movies occurring during different time periods but after the same planet wide Apocalypse has ruined everything. I am pretty sure both of these movie have cannibalistic people and one of these movies occurs in Australia and the other in US so any differences can be explained by geography.  Also they both have “Road” in the title.





Zombieland and Shaun of the Dead.  In this SMU, zombies are around, but are much less problematic then in other fictional universes… also comedy high jinks! There are some major differences because in much more civilized England they learn how to live with their zombies much better than their counterparts across the water.





The Lego Movie, The Indian in the Cupboard, and Labyrinth. Toys are alive, which would seem to me to be more terrifying then thrilling for a child. Nevertheless in each of the movies, TOYS ARE ALIVE!






Battle Royale and The Hunger Games. So unlike in this world, where there are countless American remakes, re-imagining  and copying of amazing foreign films.  In this SMU the people in charge of district one found a documentary film detailing the events depicted in Battle Royale, and based their “children battle to the death” societal structure on it.






The Rock marked the apex of the the 90s action film.  It had Nicholas Cage playing a chemical weapons specialist, there are plastic balls of nerve gas … it really doesn’t matter.  But it also stars Sean Connery as an imprisoned SAS captain.  Or as I like to imagine JAMES BOND. Yes this movie is a sequel to all of the Connery Bond films.

Any other imagined SMUs out there?



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  1. Did you read this:

    Definitely an alternative universe theory…

  2. Isaac H. says:

    Great list! Along with Fury Road and the Road, you could also fit the Postman and The Book of Eli into that shared universe.

    I’ve also always wanted to imagine the Back to The Future and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure take place in the same universe. Both take place in roughly the same region of California. Both time machines create sparks. Maybe the future B&T people recreated Doc Brown’s flux capacitor technology?

  3. Grant Perrigo says:

    Wyld Stallyns! I was actually watching Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure a few weeks ago (It holds up!).

    That is a dark take on the Cars Universe.

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