Sew You Have Some Time on Your Hands

by Marie B.

I enjoy the opportunity to pause and reflect as much as the next person, but I must admit that I am looking for more ways to fill my time.

I’ve tried my hand at many a handicraft and have (mostly) found them rewarding and enjoyable. I learned to sew with a machine in Home Economics class, and over the years I’ve made everything from wedding gowns to appliance covers. In recent years I’ve taken up quilting, which is both challenging and fun.

I have never been what you would call “subdued,” and that comes through in my quilt projects.  I love bright colors and vivid patterns in fabric.  My projects were all made for family members.  I try to think about the kinds of things they enjoy and then come up with an idea that might surprise and delight them. They haven’t been photographed in ideal circumstances, but below are photos of some of my quilts.  Click on any image to enlarge it and view it close up.  You can scroll through the entire gallery once you’ve clicked to enlarge any image.

I’m lucky enough that I’ve got a stash of fabric scraps from quilting and sewing projects so that I can work on a few impromptu things.  Are you creating right now? Please tell us about it in the comments, below.

If you’re looking to get started with quilting, give these books a try.

Sew You Have Some Time on Your Hands

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5 responses to “Sew You Have Some Time on Your Hands”

  1. Susan Hanzelka says:

    I LOVE your quilts! I’ve just sewn my last mask–I made 60. I’m now returning to my bargello beach quilt (hand quilting).

    • Marie B. says:

      Thank you, Susan! I enjoy the process of choosing patterns and fabrics and seeing how everything comes together.

    • Nancy says:

      Susan, I am in the midst of my commitment to make 100 cotton fabric face masks–today I should be at 60. I am a retired nurse and this is one way I can contribute to helping during this Pandemic; however this is mind-numbing sewing.

      I have been quilting since the early 1980’s and it is also my “Therapy.” I loved the energy in the author’s description of her journey as both a quilter and author. I have not had the courage to explore modern quilting but have had the greatest joy in creating baby quilts for any new family member.* I have a general function machine for quilting (vs. a long arm quilting machine). The intricate quilt patterns the author created are amazing and quite inspirational.

      * My goal now is to create 24 baby quilts in the next 10 years. That way, should I not be around for the next generation, they will have baby quilts to choose from for their children. This is actually my Granddaughter’s idea, that I adopted.
      Now back to the face masks…

  2. Becky B says:

    Love your call box quilt and I remember seeing some of your others in person. I just mailed off a baby quilt for a Zoom baby shower. I also finished a wedding quilt for my son and his fiancee. I finished a top with bird panels that I’ve had around for awhile and just dropped it off with the longarm quilter. One of these days I’ll take a break from mask making and pull out another unfinished project!

    • Marie B. says:

      The Doctor Who quilt was a wedding gift – it was a lot of fun to make! On behalf of the community, thank you for making masks.

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