Say Goodbye to the Old and Hello to the New

by Craig B.

Sno-Isle Libraries has just launched a preview of its new website which allows Sno-Isle staff to integrate our lists and posts right into our website! Because of this new flexibility, Sno-Isle Libraries is retiring the BiblioFiles blog. But don’t fret! You can still find staff lists and blog posts by selecting Staff Picks from the numerous browsing options. New content will be added regularly, just like we did for BiblioFiles.

Looking for recommendations? Simply click Find a Book on our new homepage and search by genre, title, author, or keyword. You can even have a librarian pick some titles for you if you’re feeling adventurous! We also have a new browse feature that lets you search materials by age group, by format, by topic, even by language, making your browse searches better than ever. Just click “Browse” on the menu bar and check out the possibilities!

You can also search by genre. Notice that, when you do, genre-specific staff lists and blog posts are available right next to the materials you’re looking for. Pretty cool, no?

Lastly, if you had a favorite blogger, you can still follow them through our SNO-ISLE blogs page. Just select the blogger you wish to follow and click the RSS Feed icon to follow them!



2 responses to “Say Goodbye to the Old and Hello to the New”

  1. Helen Donier says:

    Can we search for the blogger?

    • Craig Burgess says:

      The general answer to your question is yes. From Sno-Isle’s new homepage, if you change the parameters of the Search Box to search “website” instead of “catalog”, then type in the name of the blogger you are looking for, you can get results that way. Our new website is still adding content, so the results right now are slim, but I expect as content is added, the search results will improve. I hope this helps answer your question!

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