Retirement Wish List

by Ruth G.

Having crossed the threshold of 50 some time ago, and thus become the recipient of flyers from AARP, the idea of retirement has started to intrigue me. Retirement won’t be happening anytime soon, but sometimes I see a book and think, “This one goes on the stuff-to-do-when-I’m-retired list.”




Maybe I’ll eat my way up and down the West Coast…






…or, zig-zag across the U.S. and Canada, counting birds…






Even better: do both in the Wienermobile!







Wouldn’t it be fun to start a neighborhood/community soup night?



kitchen year



I could do like Ruth Reichl and cook like crazy for a year…







OR! I could cook like crazy using my own homegrown organic vegetables!






What about a spiritual pilgrimage amidst the olive groves, rolling hills, castles, and cathedrals of northern Spain?






What if I got really fit and went on a quest to visit all the Most Endangered National Parks?






Maybe I’ll get so fit I can be an ironwoman athlete!





For even more retirement wish-list ideas, click on the titles below:

Please share your retirement fantasy in a comment.  Thanks!

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