Reality TV: Hidden Treasures

by Michelle C.

Reality television often gets a bad rap.

It’s too dramatic. The situations are fake. People are painted as villains or heroes. But how can I mind that when those are the things I like about fiction! I like to slip into someone else’s world for an hour or two–even if it’s not entirely “real.” Some of my favorites are shows about antiques, hidden treasures, and unexpected finds.

When my entire family gets together for holidays, these are the shows that everyone can find something of interest in. I still remember the first time my family watched Pawn Stars together. My dad liked the tidbits about history. My mom liked the banter between the father and son. And I liked the humor. Normally we all tend to drift in and out of the living room depending on how irritated we are by whatever is on the TV; but this time we were able to spend quality time together.

Another show that has a great dynamic between the characters is Storage Wars. Groups bid against each other on forfeited storage units. While the premise sounds like it could be dull (and according to a friend I have who worked at a storage company, is dull in real life), it is actually very entertaining on screen. The people that bid all have their individual foibles and squabbles. Plus each group is sure to find at least one treasure hidden away beneath the junk.

A tried and true classic is Antiques Roadshow. This is the show that caused me to save all of my childhood stuffed animals and dime store baseball cards in the hopes of them being worth something someday. Hence the box full of Puffkins in my garage (worth $3.50 a piece now on eBay!). I can’t help but feel giddy when someone walks on the show with a painting that they bought for $5 at a flea market only to find out it is worth $50,000. Someday, I can only hope, there too will be my Puffkins.

Other shows focus more on the adventure and mystery of finding the artifacts like Jean-Michel Cousteau Ocean Adventures and The Curse of Oak Island. The Curse of Oak Island has a 200-year-old mystery, a hidden treasure, and a curse! These shows tend to bring out the six-year-old in me who still wants to become a pirate. Or a marine biologist (but really a pirate).

What favorite hidden treasure shows are your favorites?


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