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By Hannah K. 

I love having someone tell me a story.

Yes, I love reading books too, but that doesn’t temper my love for audiobooks. The right narrator can craft new life from a text. Not necessarily better than reading something yourself, but listening to a book can create a completely different experience. It’s a kind of magic to let someone’s voice wrap you up in another world and take you for a literary journey.

The only drawback? Some audiobooks are soooooooo long. I don’t have the attention span to listen to anything that takes days to finish.

So I keep it quick! Short audiobooks are perfect for me.

I’m not great at listening to lengthy stories. Eight hours of an audiobook is about the maximum amount of time for my terrible attention span. In a physical book, if I forget who a character is or want to go over a plot point again, I can flip back and skim. With audiobooks, you can’t go backwards to find things as easily. When they’re too long, it gives me more time to forget everything. Also, I get restless listening to one story for an extensive amount of time. When I see that an audiobook takes dozens of hours to finish, I get commitment-phobia and find something smaller to tackle. There are some amazing epics narrated by talented readers, but that’s just not for me.

Shorter titles can have all of the stellar production qualities of their lengthier counterparts. Full cast productions, powerful narrators, and more can be found in even the quickest audiobooks. You can find a lovely experience without having to commit to a marathon listen.

Here are some great quick listens. These are all fiction, but range across genres – mystery, poetry, dramatic literature, fantasy, sci-fi, horror. Something for everyone!

Do you have any audiobooks you love? Let me know in the comments!

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