Question of the Week: What types of humor books do you like to read?

 In your opinion, what makes a book really funny? Do you read humorous fiction? Books by comedians? Funny essays? As part of a training session I’m working on, I’ve been looking at all the different categories of humor. There are way more than I had realized! I typically read humorous biographies and memoirs, but I’m currently trying some essays. What types of humor books do you like to read?



3 responses to “Question of the Week: What types of humor books do you like to read?”

  1. Bookish One says:

    I usually get my funny fix from mysteries like Catherine Aird's slyly funny Inspector Sloan series or Colin Cotterill's hilarious Jimm Juree series. There are plenty of nonfiction books that make me chuckle, too. One of my favorites is Mamika: My MIghty Little Grandmother. Whether the humor is biting, dry, slapstick, or sarcastic, I love a funny book!

  2. Ruth G. says:

    Maybe because I grew up in a very strict church, but irreverent humor just kills me. I love the books by Simon Rich, especially his absurd reactions to his Jewish religious upbringing. I think it was his book "Ant Farm" that has a piece with an imaginary talk between Abraham and Isaac on the way back from the place where Abraham almost sacrificed him on an altar. In fact, any jokes about family dysfunction just slay me. The Sedaris books (both David and Amy) are killer.

  3. Terry says:

    I have a great collection of Emily Kimbrough's travel books. Most were written in the 1950s and 1960s and reflect a very different time and lifestyle. My favorite is the trip that she and her friends took through Greece–just lots of fun. You wish that you could join them for "shoebag" hour! They carried all of their liquor in a shoebag, hence the name.

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