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book-related websites are your favorites? Are there any you just discovered?

it wasn’t for Goodreads, I’d never remember what I’ve read and what books are
on my to-read list. When someone comes up to me and says something like, “I
can’t remember the title or author, but it was a coming of age story about a
teen boy who lived in Oklahoma or Kansas”, I use NoveList Plus, one of
Sno-Isle’s databases, and I am able to find the answer almost every single


When someone
wants a list of books by a prolific writer, I find the fastest way to
provide the info is by using Fantastic Fiction. And do you ever use


A coworker
just told me about BookDigits. According to their website, they “want to change the way you read and help you find your next favorite book. Traditional genres are too broad and vague to be useful, so BookDigits uses themes and special metrics instead.” Check it out!

We’d love to know which sites are your favorites!


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2 responses to “Question of the Week”

  1. Dawn says:

    I confess, I'm addicted to GoodReads. I used to track all my reading in an Excel file and laboriously transfer it to a blog once a month. Now I'm all lazy and just file it in GR. I also love the app…it is great to just scan in barcodes of books I've read, and books I want to read!

    Professionally I adore Novelist. It is so wonderful for helping people looking for stuff I have no reading knowledge of. They make some great lists too.

  2. Ruth G. says:

    I'm too lazy. To track what I HAVE read, I opted into "maintain a reading history" on my account in the library catalog, and as for what I WANT to read, I created a list in the library catalog under my account called "stuff to read". The cool thing is that I can just put books on hold, then delete it from the list. The catalog software automatically adds it to my reading list once I check it out. The catalog keeps track of it all for me!

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