Queer Fantasy Romance

I’ve discovered a su-sub-subgenre that I love: queer fantasy, preferably with a little romance. (How’s that for a niche?)

I’ve always liked fantasy novels, and romance novels, and queer stories. Right now there seem to be lots of great books that combine all three.

Here are a few I’ve read recently:

Witchmark by C.L. Polk

Miles is a military surgeon who’s concerned about a series of soldiers-turned-murderers. He’s convinced there’s a connection between the cases, but the powers-that-be seem to block him at every turn. And he can’t afford to draw too much attention to himself: if anyone learns of his illicit magical powers, he’ll be in very serious trouble. Then an encounter with a handsome stranger who knows more than he should leads Miles into both danger and romance.

The Last Sun by K.D. Edwards

In this terrific Tarot-themed urban fantasy, Rune is the last surviving scion of a the dead House of Sun. He makes a meager living doing magical odd jobs for Lord Tower, his powerful patron. When he’s hired to find a missing man, he uncovers a conspiracy involving murder, kidnapping, and necromancy. And it all might be connected to the murder of Rune’s family. This violent and fast-paced series-opener has me desperate for the forthcoming sequel.

Iron & Velvet by Alexis Hall

This is a tongue-in-cheek noir detective story, complete with a dangerous femme fatale and the detective who should have refused her. The detective, in this case, is Kate Kane, paranormal investigator. The dangerous woman is a literal vampire queen. Add werewolves, witches, Kate’s ex-girlfriend, and stir. First in a series by an author who is always entertaining.

Interested in reading more? Check out this great list!

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