Quarantine Sweat Routine

by Marina M.

Besides for the health of ourselves and others, much of quarantine seems to be finding an outlet to maintain a small piece of normalcy in a world turned upside down. (Yes, I’ve watched Hamilton too many times to count.)

We’ve discussed the baking or crafting accomplished during quarantine (I am now an expert at bagels). But, in the midst of our staff Get Moving Challenge, I wanted to share another aspect of my quarantine life. And that’s keeping fit, both mentally and physically. Luckily, they can go hand-in-hand. Multi-tasking for the win!

Out of the Comfort Zone

We may be turning more to comfort food (and sweets!) during this pandemic with a return to baking and other delicious carbs but we also need to keep our hearts healthy and our minds sound. Exercise has proven to be able to improve both.

At-home exercise isn’t new to me. For years I would walk the neighborhood or hike with my dogs. But moving away from a neighborhood with walk-able streets and trying to leash-walk two large dogs constantly out-pulling each other no how much I work to convince them leash manners are a thing, I needed to find a different option.

Into the Sweat Zone

I’m not somebody comfortable with going to the gym so I started seeking out YouTube options. (Plus, why pay a gym membership when I can do something in my home comfort zone for free?) For the past two years my three go-to YouTubers have been Lucy Wyndham-Read (LWR Fitness), Gina Buber (Up To The Beat Fitness), and Leslie Sansone (Walk at Home). You can also find items from Lucy, Gina, and Leslie in Sno-Isle’s collection.

My favorite thing is that as much as their process is different they all have the same goal. I can switch it up during the week and still know that I’m going to meet my active minutes and maintain the heart rate to burn calories. Starting out with Lucy’s straight-forward sweat sesh, enjoy a little dance-walking with Gina to just have a fun time and exercise to her awesome soundtracks, and then round it out with keeping pace to Leslie’s calorie-burning walking music and moves. And they all have options for different fitness levels (or your mood for the day).

Do you have a favorite YouTube fitness trainer? I’m always looking to try something new. Even though I eventually keep returning to my three favorites (and intervals of Just Dance), it’s always nice to push my boundaries with something different. Leave your suggestions in the comments below!



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