Prose Bowl: Will Your Favorite Win?

by Jackie

Will your favorite win? Participate in deciding Sno-Isle’s favorite read of the year! We’ve narrowed it down to 32 of the most popular recent books, and we’re looking for your help in determining our community’s 2015 favorite. We’ll announce the winning title on January 11, and invite the customer(s) with the most accurate bracket(s) to share their favorite books in a featured booklist.

If the above is a little small, try the larger version.

Some of you book fans are probably wondering how we came up with the 32 titles in this competition. A subcommittee of the Readers’ Services Team (the people who write this blog) started with the data. We looked at which titles had circulated the most in 2015 and which had the most holds. Everything first had to meet the checkout or request threshold. We quickly determined that limiting just to the current calendar year eliminated a significant number of the most popular titles of 2015, so we decided to go with a larger window, and included the last half of 2014 – the fall publishing schedule is big, and many excellent titles gather steam and become popular in the winter after being published.

We considered over 300 titles and whittled it down looking for a balance of genre, gender, perspective, and audience – with a slight bias toward local and regional authors. We included both name-brand authors and titles that are popular and recognizable, but might not have achieved mainstream success. While it’s unlikely that any one person has read all 32 titles, there should be something for everyone on the slate. We then arranged the titles in a purely sports manner, matching the title with the highest circulation and request total with the lowest, and so on. As you can see above, of the 32 titles included, Lee Child’s Personal had the most circulation, while Karin Slaughter’s Pretty Girls had the least. Again, this is of the 32 titles, Slaughter’s book was still one of the most popular titles at Sno-Isle in 2015.

We had fun developing this, and hope you have fun voting. One quick note: If you want your vote to count, you MUST submit your email address at the end. The only way to make it work (and to be able to have a winner!) was to require either an email address or a Facebook account. You do NOT need a library card to play along, so yes, you can send it to your sister in Virginia if you want – but don’t forget to share it with your cousin in Index, too!

In a post tomorrow, we’ll take a closer look at all 32 titles in play.


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