Prose Bowl – Round 2

The first cut is the deepest. You voted in Round 1. We tallied. 16 became 8. We lost Mary-Louise Parker, James Patterson, Anna Quindlen, and that wacky podcast turned novel, Welcome to Night Vale.

Now it is time for Round 2 of the Prose Bowl 2017! Are you ready? Is your favorite still in contention? Are you surprised by what made it through to Round 2?

Round 2 closes at noon on Tuesday, March 14th. Let’s vote!




2 responses to “Prose Bowl – Round 2”

  1. Kendra says:

    This is fun! The Summer Before the War was excellent & has been passed around among all my friends – hope it wins!

  2. Denise Douglas-Baird says:

    Thanks for playing, Kendra! Just a few hours left until we see if The Summer Before the War has made it to Round 3…. Stay tuned!

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