Prose Bowl 2020: Round 1


by SnoIsleLib_Suggests

It’s March Madness Time!

And we all know what that means . . . lots and lots of bracket-based elimination competition. And while the most well known bracket competitions are athletic in nature we here at Sno-Isle are continuing our tradition of a book based bracket. Welcome to Prose Bowl 2020!

In this online competition you, the reading community, will decide the favorite read published in 2019. We, your trusty Readers’ Services Team, have narrowed it down to 80 titles. It’s up to you to narrow it down to the final one.

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!

I know. I’m mixing sports metaphors here but this is a book bracket. Only the words matter, right? And maybe some cover judgement thrown in because pretty things are nice. So, who are the contenders this year? Find our full list here:

Prose Bowl 2020

The Ground Rules

In Round 1 (this round, right now!) vote for your favorite in each of the eight categories. That jolly green giant “Round 1 Vote Here” button up above is where you start.

This is what the rest of the voting schedule will look like:

Wednesday, March 11 – Round 2 pits favorites from each genre against each other (Genre vs Genre).
Wednesday, March 18 – Round 3 in which 4 contenders face off against each other…
Wednesday, March 25 – Final Round features the top 2 contenders in the ultimate showdown!
Wednesday, April 1 – Winner announced! No foolin’!

As noted above, each round will begin on a Wednesday and voting will be open for that round until noon the following Tuesday.

Ready, set, vote!

Will your favorite win?

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