Prose Bowl 2018: Winner!

by Kimberly P.

Many Entered . . . but There Can Only be One. 

Welcome to our final stage of Prose Bowl 2018. You voted, they fought, and in the end, only one remained standing, triumphant amidst the broken spines and ripped pages of its competitors.

To recap, our Finalists were:

Combat was vicious. Grant’s abacus quailed, pushed to the limits of endurance. At several dicey moments, we cowered in horror, tore our hair in sorrow, and I may or may not have fainted from the sheer amount of ruined typeface and ink stains that splattered the field.

When the smoke cleared, this book reclined atop Sno-Isle’s Iron Throne:

Assuming the crown of Prose Bowl 2018 Champion is . . .

Glass Houses by Louise Penny

Who would have guessed houses made from glass could be so ruthless? Glass Houses did not come to Prose Bowl to play. Snatching wigs left and right, it commandeered over 50% of all votes. No matter how many stones our two contenders lobbed, they simply couldn’t compete.  Small Great Things limped in second with 29% while The Bear and the Nightingale (my favorite, alas!) rounded out our challenge with only 20% of votes.

And it’s all thanks to you, dear readers. You’ve made your voices heard, and have officially chosen Sno-Isle’s Favorite Book of 2017.

Well done.



7 responses to “Prose Bowl 2018: Winner!”

  1. Becky Whittenburg says:

    So happy Glass Houses won! It’s a great novel!

  2. Great book, great author…Félicitationd.

    Joceluyne Martin, Boucherville, QC.

  3. Judy Webb says:

    Louise is such a profound author. She “lives” inside her characters; inhabits their thoughts and environs; yet is outside of the story somehow – like a conductor, who is so familiar with the composition that they do not even need a score to direct since all the nuances of the work are in their very soul. Every time a new book of hers is published and I sit down to read – I, once again, join with my friends in Three Pines and listen to the music of the score (in words) and know that I am “home.” Congratulations, Louise. Brava!

  4. Judy Webb…nicely said!

  5. Dawn Noske says:

    I am looking forward to reading Glass Houses. I have all your books on my Kobo so I never have to be without them. Congratulations on another wonderful book. I’ve read everyone in order and know this one will be as great as all the others. God blessed you with talent and you certainly know how to share it! PS I love that your books are set in Quebec, I’m from BC. Dawn

  6. Susan Simon says:

    Without a doubt the very best out there today, congratulations to Louise, I want to move to Three Pines and hope to one day.

  7. Karla Novak says:

    Loved this book. Huge fan of all 3 finalists but happy, and in agreement, for the winner, Ms Penny, who is my favorite.
    As is Three Pines and all the villagers.

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