Prose Bowl 2018: Finals

by Michelle C.

After two rounds of voting we are down to the final round for Prose Bowl 2018. Prose Bowl is our chance to vote on popular books from the past year and determine which was the Sno-Isle Libraries favorite book of the year. We started with twenty-four worthy contenders and then knocked off eighteen titles–leaving us with just one favorite from each genre (General/Historical Fiction, Romance, Speculative Fiction, Crime Fiction, Graphic Novel, and Nonfiction). Last week the six genres went head to head: General/Historical Fiction vs. Romance, Crime Fiction vs. Nonfiction, and Speculative Fiction vs. Graphic Novels. This week we find out which genres pulled through for our final three books.

And the finalists are (drumroll and pause for effect):

 Crime Fiction vs. General Fiction vs. Speculative Fiction


A sad goodbye and a tear for Nonfiction, Romance, and Graphic Novels. The closest race was between Glass Houses and Hillbilly Elegy with the former pulling ahead by 50 votes. Small Great Things and The Bear and the Nightingale smashed their competitors with 65% of the vote. It is now anyone’s game as we head into the final vote. Which of these three great novels will become Sno-Isle Libraries’ Favorite Book of the Year? Only you can decide.




4 responses to “Prose Bowl 2018: Finals”

  1. Joe says:

    If I get bored with Lee child or David Balanchine i will try this

  2. Sue Rochat says:

    Glass Houses is the better written book, but will give my vote to Small Great Things because of the subject matter. Very informative and timely while being a page turner. I wanted to see how the author would bring it all together and resolve it.

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