Pride 2018: These Characters Have Been Out

By Kaley C.

​Happy Pride to those who are celebrating this month! In the growing sea of LGBTQ+ literature, I’m a huge fan of stories with characters that go beyond coming out. While those narratives need to be told, I have found myself drawn to characters who identify as unapologetically LGBTQ+. In this post you’ll find intrigue, suspense, love, and even a mermaid.

The Lamb Will Slaughter the LionOne of my favorite contemporary fantasy series out there right now is penned by Margaret Killjoy. She has created such a suspenseful novella starring Danielle Cain, who is investigating the suicide of her best friend. To do this, she relocates to an anarchist punk town that relies on a guardian spirit, a three horned deer named Uliksi, to protect them. Only now, it’s gone rogue. Initially interested in her friend’s death, she is now roped in to helping newfound friends. The Lamb Will Slaughter the Lion is also steeped in punk culture. You just may fly through this fast-paced novella, so here’s the link to the next part of this series: The Barrow Will Send What it May.

If you’re a fan of the graphic novel or movie adaptation of Blue is the Warmest Color, you are in luck. Body Music by the same author, Julie Maroh, is a really interesting exploration of love in its many forms and at different stages. The characters are quite diverse, and it was a real joy to take in something that embraced different identities and relationships.

The Mermaid’s Daughter is a fun spin on Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid. Kathleen’s mother drowned in the sea when Kathleen was a baby yet despite this, the sea is still the only thing that comforts her. Her girlfriend, Harry (Harriet), wants to take her to Ireland to learn more about her family and her Kathleen’s suffering.

I’ve got a few more right below, but please let me know if you like reading books like this and know of any that I’ve missed! Especially if you’ve got a good graphic novel to throw in.

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2 responses to “Pride 2018: These Characters Have Been Out”

  1. Lindsey A. says:

    I’m reading an ARC of the romance A Gentleman Never Keeps Score by Cat Sebastian and so far the two heroes seem unapologetically LGBTQ+, despite living discreetly in Regency England. I’m not sure how they identify since many of the terms we’ve adopted weren’t used then, but so far their issues have little to do with sexual preference and more to do with social standing.

    I haven’t read anything by Margaret Killjoy but you’ve made me add her to my massive TBR!

    • Kaley C says:

      It appears we’ll have a trade off, then, because I am definitely looking forward to your read. Margaret is a great writer, and luckily it is a novella so you’ll breeze through it! I think she might be a little new to mainstream publishing, but has been very active in punk communities across the country.

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