DIY Beer…And Pretzels!

by Liz

Spring is my favorite time of year. The days are noticeably longer, the birds are extra chirpy, and all the shades of green just make me happy! And I just discovered new holidays celebrating two more of my favorite things…Beer and pretzels!

This past Sunday, April 23rd, marked German Beer Day. You may have celebrated without even knowing it! Now most of us take the easy way out for procuring our cold beverages (a trip to the local convenience store), but have you ever thought about making your own beer? Home brewing has grown in popularity in the past few years, and the library has quite a few resources for those looking to take the plunge.


Researching this post, I am not sure I would make the best home brewer, but I would be happy to grow the ingredients for you! (I also learned that legal home brewing and I are the same age…Who knew?!) Have you ever seen a hops vine in person? The flowers are delicately beautiful and the vines make excellent arbors. I plan on planting a rhizome or two very soon!



Now to go with all this beer drinking, we are going to need some snacks. Just so happens today is Pretzel Day. Go figure! Soft and warm, I love a big pretzel. So much to say that big pretzels could easily make my Top 5 Comfort Foods list. Like beer, these have always been a purchased item for me, but with a much quicker turn around time, I think I can make the switch to homemade easy enough. Topped with Andrea Slonecker’s horseradish-parsley butter, big pretzels may just knock my beloved quesadilla out of its number one spot!

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2 responses to “DIY Beer…And Pretzels!”

  1. Denise says:

    We (aka my husband) has been growing hops vines on the trellis near our front door for several years. They are quite lush and one can’t beat the post-harvest scent of hops drying in our sunny stairwell. Alas, we don’t brew our own anymore, but contribute the harvest to friends who do (yay, chemists!) and then share the liquid wealth. Cheers!

    • Liz says:

      Hi Denise! I placed an order this weekend for some hop rhizomes direct from the Yakima valley. Can’t wait to get them in the ground!

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