The Comfort of Pizza

by Liz K.


October is pizza month and if you ask me, it could not arrive at a better time! Warm, cheesy, and infinitely customizable, pizza is the perfect comfort food on these cool fall days. I’m sure someone will argue with me about that statement, but I am ready defend my position with unnecessary gusto…Pizza is the best! THE. BEST. And now that we are deep into Beyond Bestsellers Horror month, I am finding the need for comfort even more in demand! I mean, I know I’m a wienie, but I got scared just taking Kim’s amazing quiz! Hmm…But maybe I’ll stick with homemade. No way I’m opening the door after dark!


Written by Ken Forkish, the owner of Ken’s Artisan Pizza in Portland, Oregon, this book contains 12 different recipes for dough, a bit of history, and plenty of inspiration for your own topping combos. Truly a pizza bible.




Only one dough recipe here! But countless healthy and delicious combinations for a quick meal any night of the week. And with thoughts on wines and salads includes, Suzanne Lenzer has included everything you need to make a perfect meal!


Pizza topped with smoked ham and cheddar? YUM! Or roasted cauliflower and salsa verde? Hmmm…maybe. Chef and pizza enthusiast, Craig Priebe, gathered recipes (and stories!) from pizzerias all over the country, proving that our tastes are as diverse as our population.




Need more comforting foods in this month of scary reads? Check out this list! Mostly pizza, but, for all you non-pizza-eaters out there, I’ve included a few other things too. Happy eating!



6 responses to “The Comfort of Pizza”

  1. Emily Z says:

    I just made a pizza last night, although I was sneaky and bought a premade crust (cornmeal, tho, not Boboli)! I’m from the put-whater-you-have-in-the-fridge-on-it school of pizza craft (ham+asparagus+mushrooms), but I’m still willing to learn from professionals. Can’t go wrong with someone named Forkish, right?

    • Liz K. (SnoIsleLib_LizK) says:

      Yum! Your pizza sounds amazing! And let’s talk about Forkish for a sec…It seems like a little too perfect of a chef name, you know? I’m requesting a birth certificate.

  2. Jackie P. says:

    …Now I’m going to have to make dough tonight for this weekend…

  3. David says:

    EVERY month is pizza month.

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