DIY Outdoor Entertainment

by Marina

Summer is here! At least the calendar is telling us that. Actual summer weather may or may not begin to coincide with the season until after July 4th.


Group of friends picnicking on the beach, Edmonds Historical Society.

But, along with summer comes, presumably, an increase in outdoor eating. And activities! But, mostly eating, am I right? I’m thinking of a good, old fashioned picnic. Or a friendly backyard barbecue. And those aren’t complete without some of outdoor activities. Badminton, anyone? Or, maybe Frisbee for the more adventurous sort? But why limit yourself to the good old tried-and-true?

In my family, for the past several years, we’ve had an annual “pre-summer” Father’s Day BaconFest Celebration held outside. Every single dish includes bacon of some sort (even dessert). And then we’re typically off bacon for a good two or three months.

My Reader’s Service team cohort Danielle tells me that she will occasionally hit up a local farmer’s markets to pick up dinner and then take it to a nearby beach and watch the sun go down.

So, head on outside (if the weather permits) for some food, fun and games.

Share your favorite summer foods and activity ideas in the comments below!

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