New Year, New Projects!

by Liz

The hectic holiday season has passed us and I am in mourning…I miss the festive season! The lights, the parties, the food! But seeing as we are well into 2017, I guess it is time for me to get back to my normal-boring-no-parties-on-Wednesday-nights life. Ho-hum.

A lot of folks start their quest for routine on January 1st. Not me, I like to give myself plenty of time to recover. And that’s just what this past January has been for me, a month dedicated to recovering from the post-holiday hangover and figuring out what my priorities are for the year. Did you notice I didn’t mention resolutions? I mean, we all know the New Year’s resolutions statistics by now, right? Why set yourself up for that kind of failure?! I prefer to think more in terms of projects. Or goals. And in my head they’re on a giant, beautifully decorated to-do list! I would love to make it come to life and post it in my house, but that may set me back another month. Lucky for me, I spend my days surrounded by resources that can help me get these to-dos checked off the list!


To-do number 1: Use my newly purchased veggie spiralizer at least once a month! We eat veggies in our house, but I’m always looking for news ways to prep them. Spiralizer recipes are everywhere these days, but I have found the recipes in this book the most inspiring…Or should I say in-spiralizing! Ha! I crack myself up.




To-do number 2: Closet organization! We are blessed to have a house with plenty of closet space. Horrible problem to have, I know, but with that comes the great responsibility of using that space wisely and I fear I am failing. New closet built-ins are a must this year! For ideas, I am turning to The Family Handyman. Their magazine’s arrival is eagerly awaited each month at our house and I have no doubt having all their closet and organization ideas in one volume will come in quite handy for this project.



To-do number 3: Landscape the front yard! Grass removal, edibles, and some low-maintenance flowers too. Sounds like an easy weekend job, right? Huh. I should probably get started on those plans now.




What projects do you have slated for 2017?

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