Obsessed? We’ve got the books for you!

Do you have an obsession?  Some special topic that you are ridiculously curious about? Me, I’ve been obsessed with French Bulldogs ever since I got my Liza Lou two years ago.  Some folks have a very limited idea of what libraries carry (best sellers and reference books), and are missing out on the amazing treasure trove we have to offer.  Search our catalog for things you are passionate about and prepare to be surprised by what you might find!

For example, we don’t just have wonderful books devoted to the care and feeding of Frenchies, but instructive books on how to make your own using folding, crocheting, or
knitting.  Plus Sno-Isle owns a picture book, and a variety of fiction with French Bulldog characters.

Am I obsessed with a ridiculous topic?  Yes.  Does the library judge me?  Nope.  Here at Sno-Isle we encourage you to follow your curiosity to your heart’s desire.  A lifetime of learning is waiting for you.

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