New Year’s Resolutions and the Library

If you quizzed folks to name their top New Year’s
resolutions, the top answers would fall under weight loss and exercise.
For those of you in good health here are a few ideas
for the New Year.

The website suggests helping

“A popular, non-selfish New Year’s resolution,
volunteerism can take many forms. Whether you choose to spend time helping out
at your local library, mentoring a child, or building a house, there are many
nonprofit volunteer organizations that could really use your help”.
Here is a link to the Sno-Isle volunteer program
One of the top ten resolutions is
learn something new.
you vowed to make this year the year to learn something new?  Want to learn a new language, how to use
Excel, create a resume? Visit
Whether you take a course or read a book, you’ll find all you need at Sno-Isle
Concerned about the environment? Try these titles:
How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint by Joanna Yarrow
The Lazy Environmentalist on a Budget by Josh Dorfman

Cosmo girl 250 things you can do to green the world 




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