New Book Group Kits for Spring!

by Jackie P.

It feels a little bit like I’m cheating to say spring when there was snow last week, but since the earliest these titles will go out is April, it isn’t entirely inaccurate… We’ve kept it a select, non-fiction heavy, purchase for our first order of the year, and there are definitely titles to be excited about! Trevor Noah’s blockbuster, award-winning, Born a Crime is finally available in paperback. The Soul of an Octopus has been popular for an unexpected amount of time, and now joins the kit collection. I’m positive The Tattooist of Auschwitz & The Alice Network will be book club hits. I think The Newcomers will spark timely debate in groups, and reading Ruth Bader Ginsburg‘s My Words will offer primary sources for a figure who sparked TWO movies in the last year. Whether you belong to a private club, a Sno-Isle Library book club, or you want to start your own, these kits make it easy to connect with your community and spark discussion about big questions.

Registered kit users get first notification of new titles – it’s free to sign up and free to use!


I’d also like to point out a new/returned feature: IF we have digital editions of the title, it will now be indicated directly under the cover image. (I say if because publishers have wildly different policies and price structures for libraries; some won’t sell digital to us at all – others will but only if we buy their exclusive platform. Canada is rebelling.) You can click through to the ebook or digital audiobook. We don’t have special club access to our digital offerings, but we hope this will make it easier to select titles that are accessible to all of your members. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to help your club be successful. You can always email me at jparker [at] sno-isle [dot] org.

On that note, we’re looking to do some focus groups and surveys with book clubs to find out how the library can better serve you!

We’re looking for a balance of library clubs, private clubs and clubs that do and do not use our kits. We know there are hundreds of book clubs in Snohomish & Island Counties – we’ll only need about a few groups to participate. Talk it over with your club, and if you are interested participating in a focus group, fill out our Focus Group Interest Form by March 20. For the survey we’re hoping to reach as many of you possible, so keep an eye here on The BiblioFiles. We’ll post the survey here when it launches in late Spring. If you have any questions at all, please feel welcome to reach out to me, jparker [at] sno-isle [dot] org.

This Book Discussion Kit collection is funded by the Sno-Isle Libraries Foundation and individual donations given for this purpose. Book Discussion Kits can be sponsored for a $200 donation to the Sno-Isle Libraries Foundation. Contact the Foundation to donate. Thank you to the ELC Book Club for sponsoring Born a Crime by Trevor Noah!

Each book kit contains ten paperback copies of a single title and can be checked out for any book group. Currently, there are 392 book kits in this collection. If there’s a book you absolutely love as a book group pick and want to share with others, let us know in the comments! 

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