National Hispanic Heritage Month

by Brian H.

National Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept. 15- Oct. 15) is a perfect reason to highlight music of Spanish language origins.  Not that one needs a reason to highlight this music and these artists.  No doubt, this is music to listen to every month of the year.


First, an incredible singer and composer with a band of musicians that earned a nomination and Grammy win, iLe (Ileana Mercedes Cabra Joglar).

iLe’s stage presence and sophisticated nuanced performances belies her age.  The 28 year old singer has been honing her voice and musical presentation from a very young age, performing with the band Calle13.


Las Migas

Las Migas is a quartet made up of Spanish musicians Alba Carmona (voice), Marta Robles (guitar), Alicia Grillo (guitar) and Roser Loscos (violin).  A superperb recommendation from a coworker and one that I am very happy to pass along to you all.  Incidentally this group will be performing in Edmonds this month.


Buena Vista Social Club

An all-star line up of Cuban musicians came together to record an album and the Buena Vista Social Club phenomenon was born.  “As Cuban revolutions go, it was an entirely peaceable uprising – but its impact could not have been more profound. On the release of the Buena Vista Social Club album in 1997, few outside the specialist world music audience initially took much notice of the record’s elegantly sculpted tunes and warm, acoustic rhythms”  “It was one of those rare records that transcended the vagaries of fad and fashion to sound timeless but utterly fresh. Once you heard it, you had to have a heart of stone not to be swept away by the music’s romantic impulses and uninhibited exuberance.”


La Santa Cecilia

From street performances to a growing discography this band is something special.  La Santa Cecilia is a Latin group formed in Los Angeles and steeped in the traditional forms of Latin music.  However they perform music inspired by music and messages from all over the world.  Their most recent recording is an “audio-visual album” in Mexico City.  They cut each track — 11 covers, one original — in the plazas, parks, bars, and theaters of the great metropolis.

I’ll finish this Bibliofiles post with two selections by La Santa Cecilia.



Here is a list to help you find more of the same in Sno-isle Libraries Catalog, Hoopla and Freegal collections.





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