Narrator Spotlight: Nick Podehl

by Danielle

This is my last regularly scheduled Narrator Spotlight as my time on the Reader’s Services Team is coming to a close. Don’t worry, I’ll still stop by and talk about a new favorite narrator from time to time!

Since I began spotlighting narrators earlier this year, several coworkers have hounded me to talk about Nick Podehl. Nick is a young, prolific narrator, and actor (he also owns a cat named Dreams) from Michigan. And while he has narrated everything from Danielle Steele to Mercedes Lackey to David Wellington’s epic zombie novel Positive, he is best known for his narration of teen audio books. Marina, one of his fans says, “He has the best teenage boy voice. Some of my favorites of his are Will Grayson, Will Grayson, The Knife of Never Letting Go, and Swim the Fly. He did a really good job with The Knife of Never Letting Go. And I never would have listened to Seth Baumgartner’s Love Manifesto if he hadn’t narrated it.”

I agree with Marina, especially on the work he did for Swim the Fly (which is so funny I almost wrecked my car laughing so hard). He’s won numerous awards, including the Earphone Award from Audiofile Magazine for Swim the Fly. After his win, he sat down for an interview with Audiofile and discussed how he is so great at creating different voices for teen characters.

I try to take parts and pieces of voices and characters I hear on a daily basis: people I meet, musicians, family members, co-workers, and the like. I borrow a lot from real experiences to generate the voices for characters to which I have to give life. I draw a lot from my favorite video game and cartoon characters for inspiration as well.

For instance, Matt’s first love interest, Kelly, in Swim the Fly was based off of a girl who was in one of my college classes. She was the vixen type who dripped sexiness and she knew it. She really grated on my every nerve. That egotistical arrogance was my inspiration for this character.

Cooper, in voice, was created to simulate one of my more annoying friends growing up. This friend of mine constantly had his head in the gutter. This person was very near and dear to my heart, but I was continually annoyed by his ability to think of nothing other than girl.

Like many narrators, Nick Podehl takes his job very seriously. In a different interview he says, “I draw on my theatre training as well for manuscript preparation and character diagramming in order to get a good understanding of intention and the motivations for characters.” That training and attention to detail has paid off, making him one of most sought-after narrators. I loved his work on Holly Black’s Doll Bones and can’t wait to listen to how he interprets the new release This is Where it Ends.

Do you have a favorite Nick Podehl audiobook? Share it below!

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  1. Charles S Cruz says:

    My favorite audiobook is also my favorite all time book. A book for people who love books: The shadow of the wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón.

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