Narrator Spotlight: More Read by the Author

by Marina M.

I presented my first list of audio favorites read by the author over two years ago. I’m back to add to that list with a whole new crop of author-narrated audio favorites.

In my own completely unscientific poll I’ve found that audiobooks read by the author tend to be memoirs. But there’s been a recent uptick with authors of general fiction or nonfiction reading their own works. And, surprising myself, I don’t hate that trend. Admittedly, I rarely listen to fiction so all of my examples will be either memoirs or other nonfiction.

For the Dogs

As you’re well aware, I love dogs. For goodness sake, my last post was entirely about my own dogs and all the stuff I do with them. So it should be no surprise that one of the audiobooks I’m choosing to highlight will feature dogs. (There’s actually more than one but I’ll spare too much repetition.) Speaking of my dogs, you probably noticed that one of them is a pit bull. In my previous work life at a veterinary clinic and through various dog activities I have met dogs of this type. However, it wasn’t until I started watching Animal Planet’s Pit bulls & Parolees that I really got to know them. The founder of Villalobos, the rescue organization featured in the show, is Tia Torres and her book, My Life Among the Underdogs, highlights several dogs that have been a part of her family over the years.

Humor Wins Out

When I’m looking for a new audiobook to load (yes, I’m a dedicated OverDrive and Libby eaudio user), I find myself selecting history, science, nature, or humor from the subject list. It turns out that most of my favorites are by the humorists who narrate their own books. That totally makes sense, right? As a big fan of snark and sarcasm you shouldn’t be too surprised that I thoroughly enjoyed Joel McHales tongue-in-cheek guide to becoming a super celebrity, Thanks for the Money. With some true-to-life stories thrown in, the listener is given the Talk Soup treatment with full Joel McHale.

Narrator Spotlight: More Read by the Author

Now that I’ve shared my current crop of favorite read-by-the-author audiobooks I’d love to know yours. Please share in the comments below so I can start in on my next batch of favorites.

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2 responses to “Narrator Spotlight: More Read by the Author”

  1. Isaac H. says:

    The poll would fit the bill for me. For whatever reason, I find listening to audiobooks that aren’t either memoirs or audio dramas as a choir. It’s difficult to stick with them, even with the best narrator.

    Also “Thanks for the Money” is definitely going on my reading list. I was a fan of “Talk Soup” (bummed that the Netflix revamp “Joel McHale Show” was cancelled), and mega fan of “Community” (hopefully they do a Netflix movie already!). I’ve also been retro-actively enjoying his work on the formerly local “Almost Live!” on Youtube.

    • Marina M. says:

      Yes, Isaac, it’s always nice to just poll yourself. Then you always get what you want! I do appreciate a good narrator and it’s rare that I have not finished an audiobook. The last one I couldn’t bear to complete was for the simple reason the narrator kept pronouncing Nevada both the right way (Nevada with a short ‘a’) and the wrong way (Nev-ah-da with a long ‘a’). And while I might be able to handle the wrong way if that’s the only way, he kept going back and forth and distracted from the content.

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