My kind of cat (and dog) detectives

Everywhere you look mystery covers now days you see a cat or a dog.  Some are just to make the cover look pretty.  Publishers hope the sweet pet will make us pick out their book.  Some however are pet detectives ready to solve the crime. 

My favorite pet detectives are from Rita Mae Brown’s Mrs. Murphy series.
Mrs. Murphy, a very smart tabby cat, joins Tucker, the outgoing corgi, and Pewter, the pudgy gray cat, in solving the mystery.  They help their owner, Harry, postmistress of a small town in Virginia.  If only humans had a proper sense of smell and the instincts of a predator, they could solve the crime as quickly as this pet trio.

Another long term pet detective is Midnight Louie in the series by Carole Nelson Douglas.  Midnight Louie is a traditional hardcore private investigator. He helps Temple, who does public relations, solve the crime.  Midnight Louis also works with Temple human friends.

Other pet detectives are Chet from the Chet and Bernie mysteries by Spencer Quinn and Pepe, the talking Chihuahua from the Barking detective mysteries by Waverly Curtis.  And who can forget the Siamese duo Koko and Yum Yum from the dearly missed Cat who series by Lilian Jackson Braun.

Do you have a favorite pet detective?

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  1. Bookish One says:

    Normally, I wouldn't read a book where I am privy to the thoughts and interactions of animals, but I love Maurice the cat and Bouncer the dog in Suzette A. Hill's mystery series featuring Reverend Francis Oughterard. The stories are set an English village in the 1950s. This series is screamingly funny. You must read them in order. There is a major plot twist in the first one that explains everything that happens after.

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