Music to De-Stress

by Ruth

I am seeing a lot of people stressed out about the elections. While on vacation & driving near the Washington coast, I saw a church reader board that said, “Don’t let the Donkeys and the Elephants get you down.” I didn’t realize it was getting to me, though, until I had an election night anxiety dream (in which Walter Mondale was elected president by write-in vote! Go figure.)

For some reason, singing old John Denver songs has the power to put my mind at ease. Maybe it’s all those mountains, trees, and country roads he’s singing about. I got to wondering what my coworkers like to listen to, to “de-stress.” Here are some of the answers I got:


If none of these suggestions are working for you, try searching the library catalog for “music for relaxation” or “music for Meditation.” You’ll get some results like the following:

So stressed that you can’t wait to pick up a music CD at the library?  Try Hoopla or Freegal for some instant relief.

(During the writing of this blog post, I streamed the album,  Adagio, and I must say, my blood pressure has never been lower. Thank you, Freegal.)

What’s your go-to music for de-stressing?

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3 responses to “Music to De-Stress”

  1. Megan says:

    I’ve found online background noise generators to be a good way to get my brain to turn off. has some crazy cool custom noise generators. (And nothing beats rain sounds for tricking your brain into cooling down when it’s hot outside!)

  2. Ruth G. says:

    I love the sound of falling rain! Must be the northwest native in me, but if I go to bed on a rainy night, I sleep like a baby! Thanks for the great suggestion, Megan. 🙂

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