Mothers in Books and Movies

by Michelle C.

Mothers often get a bad rap in literature and film. If you only watched movies like Mommie Dearest, Carrie, and Psycho, you might think motherhood makes you a little (lot) disturbed. Books like Madame Bovary, Medea, and Flowers in the Attic portray mothers as being negligent and often outright evil. But on this Mother’s Day, I would prefer to focus on the positive, the mothers I see everyday at the library, the mothers who love and nurture their children, the mothers who deserve a little (lot of) recognition.

foreverLove You, Forever: If Love You, Forever taught us anything, it’s that love for your child is everlasting.  If you haven’t read this simple picture book, be prepared to cry buckets.


sarahSarah Plain and Tall: Sarah taught us that being a stepmother does not mean being an evil witch (the lesson of fairy tales).  Sarah becomes mother to two young children when she goes to the Midwest as a mail-order-bride.



littlewomenLittle Women: Marmiee taught us how to be patient; she raises her four daughters while her husband is away at war and helps them through the trials of growing up and becoming individuals.




tenantThe Tenant of Wildfell Hall: Helen shows strength as a stranger in a new town.  Her mysterious past brings questions.  This novel was considered quite shocking when it was released in part because of some of the things Helen does to protect her son.



panicPanic Room: A woman and her daughter move into what they think is their dream house. It soon becomes a nightmare when thieves break in. They hide in the reinforced panic room only to find that what the thieves want is in there. When her daughter is in danger, Meg goes to great lengths to protect her.


Who are some of your favorite mothers in books and movies?

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2 responses to “Mothers in Books and Movies”

  1. Jen says:

    I found the mother in Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt to be unforgettable.

  2. Ruth G. says:

    Both of the mothers that came to mind are Korean! Please Look After Mom: a Novel, by Kyung Sook Shin, and the film, “Mother,” starring Kim Hye-Ja. Both mothers willing to make any sacrifice for their children. Both heartwrenching, unforgettable, and not to be missed!

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