Meet the Author Next Door: Thomas Trimbath

by Thomas Trimbath

TomTrimbathI fell into writing by trying to lose weight. That’s not an obvious career path. I decided to lose weight by bicycling, and figured it would take so much bicycling that I’d be able to cross the continent. So I did. By the time I was done, I’d sent out 15,000 words in emails. A friend pointed out that was more enough notes for writing a book. So, I wrote Just Keep Pedaling. Ten years later I’ve written or produced at least one book per year. Some are narratives. Some are photo essays. All are self-published. And all are based on following my intuition. Who knows where it will lead me next? Besides, that is, practicing the ultimate conciseness that is Twitter.

Current Top 3 Favorites:ANDSocialMedia

  1. Terry Pratchett‘s Discworld series – One of the best examples of fantasy satire that didn’t constrain itself to medieval stereotypes. Why use European mythos when you can use Mesopotamian?
  2. Larry Niven‘s Known Space series – Science fiction that treats science, characters, issues, and story with respect without being too optimistic or pessimistic. The best representation of how a battle in space would really take place.
  3. The Usual Suspects – A reminder of how many layers can be added to a story, each complete, and yet each a different perspective on what is eventually a mystery. The acting is also why performance art can accomplish goals that are much more difficult in literature.

Meet Mr. Trimbath at the Author Next Door event at Freeland Library, Saturday, November 14 from 1-2:30 pm. 

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