Meet the Author Next Door: Gina Marie Mammano

by Gina Marie Mammano

GinaMammanoGina Marie Mammano hosts the public radio show, Ear Candy: a sweet piece of sound for your mind to suck on, on WhidbeyAir. It’s a themed mix of music, poetry, essays, alongside soulful storytelling. She is a spiritual director, and  a published  poet, with her work focusing on places and interior spaces and can be read in a number of magazines and journals, including  Dos Passos Review, Pilgrimage Journal, Barton College’s The Crucible, Collegeville Institute’s Bearings and Poetica Magazine to name a few. Her focus on healing companionship has  lead  her into  the  roles  of threshold  singer, Reiki practitioner, Waldorf educator, and retreat and gathering leader in immersive artistic soul experiences as well as creating rites of passage for girls. Her newest book, “Camino Divina: A Book of Walking Meditations with Likely and Unlikely Saints” is due to come out in April through Skylight Paths Publishing.

Current Top 3 Favorites:

Singer/Songwriter Bruce Cockburn: Who wouldn’t love a guy who writes lines like “Oh Love that fires the sun keep me burning”? He has been my longtime metaphoric priest of the music world, infusing his well-crafted songs with topics that dive deep into the realms of social justice, connection with our interior and exterior worlds, and spirituality. You gotta love him!ANDSocialMedia

Television Late Night host Stephen Colbert: O.K. Not a big surprise. But the politically, newsy, and religiously deep hitting jabs, alongside his gracious personality keep sending me back to the altar of Stephen Colbert (almost literally, as his studio looks like a cyber cathedral!) His guests include the politically relevant, movie stars, trending inventors, as well as tap dancers, live musicians, and prima ballerinas – a great televised after dinner mint!

The poetry of Margaret Hasse: Rich, deep, and meaningful, though as a poet, not as name-recognizable as Billy Collins or Mary Oliver, her work is like biting into the heartiest stew, the tastiest dessert, or the most delightfully ephemeral cup of tea. Because of the juiciness of her visual images on the page, her work has shown up several times on my radio show. I’m a fan!

Meet Ms. Mammano at the Author Next Door event at Freeland Library, Saturday, November 14 from 1-2:30 pm. 

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  1. Cindy Rinne says:

    So glad to have known you while you lived in SoCal. I love to see how you’ve grown. Congrats on your book. Wish we could do a reading together!

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