LibraryReads List September 2018

by Emily Z.

Oh my. It is basically fall now, isn’t it? Have you dusted off your reusable, resin decorative gourds and nutmeg-scented LED tea lights yet? Now that the apocalyptic haze of smoke is fading I’m feeling ready for a nice, briskly refreshing coating of rain and falling leaves. Or perhaps you’re looking to reclaim the last remnants of the summer sun, now that it’s not a Lisa Frank shade of neon pink anymore? That’s alright, I get it. Given the mercurial weather patterns of the PNW, I think we’ll both get what we want, probably even at different times of the same day.

Whether or not you’re not feeling the (pumpkin) spice flowing through your veins quite yet, there is much on offer to distract us all from the rapid and rocky passage of 2018:

 The crown jewel of September’s LibraryReads is far and away The 7 and a Half Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton, a tantalizingly impossible murder mystery. The eponymous Evelyn is going to die today and tomorrow and the next day—every day, in fact—at the same time until someone figures out why. To add to the confusion, the person who must solve her murder finds themselves inhabiting the mind of a different suspect at the dawning of each new day. This sounds like a book that will demand and merit one’s full attention.

The other picks for this month from the LR Squad are excitingly varied. There’s unreliable narrators, diverse historical fiction, urban fantasy (from Seanan McGuire!), a psychological thriller, sexy romantic comedy, a cozy mystery (set in a library, no less) WWII spies, emotionally rich domestic drama, and a coming of (middle) age tale that Library Journal is calling “a road trip through a heartland both national and personal with one man’s dysfunction echoing his country’s”.


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  1. Lindsey A. says:

    Daughter of a Daughter of a Queen has been on my radar for a while. I need to snap that up as soon as I chisel away at my currently reading list (story of my life).

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