LibraryReads List July 2018

by Emily Z.

It’s finally July and phew, can you tell! With weather like this, the sparkling cover of Naomi Novik’s latest book looks downright refreshing. Spinning Silver is the crown jewel of this month’s LibraryReads picks and following the meteoric popularity of her last fantasy Uprooted (oh, and the whole Temeraire series), it’s quite understandable. Though not a sequel or spin-off of “Uprooted,” this retelling of the Rumpelstiltskin legend is rumored to have a similarly Eastern European flair and themes of women straight up bringing it.

Though several enticing thrillers are being unleashed this month, Zoje Stage’s Baby Teeth arguably has the most intriguing title and cover art combo. Some are comparing this psychologically unnerving novel to 2010’s smash-hit Room, perhaps because they both sound gripping and have mothers in impossibly tense struggles for survival. Suzette’s problem is not a controlling lover though. Instead, she must navigate her relationship with her oddly precocious, enigmatic, cruel, and completely mute little (7 year old) daughter, who might just be trying to kill her.

On the more touching and (perhaps) uplifting side of things is Dear Mrs. Bird by A.J. Pearce, an undeniably charming bit of historical fiction set during World War II. Wanting to make a difference in the world, Emmeline dreams of being a war correspondent. She ends up working as a typist for a fiery self-help columnist, but all is not lost. Emmy finds a higher calling in plucking “rejected” (for being too unpleasant) letters from downtrodden women out of the bin and answering them herself.

There are plenty of compelling titles here to keep us reading all through these sweltering summer months. Anything in particular catching your eye? Any other titles you’re looking forward to? Don’t worry, you can tell us.



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