Let’s Get Crafty!

by Liz edible

Break out the glue gun and sequins, it is time to get crafty! I am not sure what exactly triggers it (the plethora of indoor time, the fantasy of someday presenting only homemade holiday gifts to my family, the need to brighten the dark days with glitter and twinkle lights), but something about this time of year really gets my creative juices flowing. My friends and family usually benefit in the form of homemade libations and sugar scrubs, but this year I am branching out. I don’t want to give too much away, but one crafty-gift on my list includes paint! And buttons! Unfortunately, I already know one project is not going to fulfill my need to create. More glitter! Stat! Many folks would turn to Pinterest in an emergency like this, but not me. Way too overwhelming. Luckily for me, Sno-Isle has quite the collection of craft books to inspire! Yarn or fabric, buttons or noshes, I am sure we have something to spark your creativity too.

Happy crafting!



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