Korean Dramas

by Michelle C.

If you have never looked in the Foreign DVD section, I suggest that you take a peek. One of my favorite Foreign DVD subgenres is Korean Dramas (k-dramas). K-dramas are usually televised comedy or drama mini-series from South Korea. One of the things I like most about k-dramas is that they complete a full story arc within one-season, usually 16-24 episodes.

I first became interested (obsessed) in k-dramas while in grad school. Study breaks that showed me another culture! How about love stories involving: drinking soju and getting piggy-back rides home, fake relationships that turn real, and love triangles?

If you want to test the waters before delving into a 16 episode k-drama, you might try some Korean movies that have the feel of a k-drama but take an eighth of the time to watch.

My Lovely Sam-Soon: Kim Sam-Soon is a single 29-year-old pastry chef obsessed about her weight. She’s outspoken, stubborn, and fed up with society’s expectations. She meets Hyeon Jin-Heon, a rich restaurant owner who hires Sam-Soon, not only to be a chef, but also to be his pretend girlfriend. This is one of the funniest k-dramas and is often suggested for people who have never watched one before.


 Be Strong, Geum-Soon: Geum-soon is a young and cheerful aspiring beautician whose life takes a major detour when she unexpectedly gets pregnant. Her husband dies soon after their shotgun marriage, leaving her to the mercy of her disgruntled in-laws. With nowhere else to turn, Geum-soon can only work hard and brave the family feuds. Hold on tight as Geum-soon battles the in-laws, starts a new job, and catches the eye of a handsome surgeon.


200 Pounds Beauty: If you want to start with a movie, I suggest 200 Pounds Beauty. This story of a timid, overweight back-up singer, who resorts to drastic “head-to-toe” plastic surgery to become a pop diva, is the number 1 comedy in Korean box office history.


Have you ever watched a k-drama before? What are some of your favorites?



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