Indigenous Picture Books

by Lois H. (they/them or she/her)

During the month of November—a month shared by Native American Heritage Month and Thanksgiving—it’s easy to return to the stories we’ve always read about the holiday. Books we read as children. Or books by authors we recognize.

But how do these books depict Indigenous characters? Do they contain stereotypes or misinformation? Are they written by an Indigenous author?

There is a long history of stereotyping, bias, and erasure of Indigenous people and culture by the media, advertising, and society at large.

Luckily, it seems like more Own Voices Indigenous books are published every year. These are books about Indigenous people, created by Indigenous people.

This November, I would encourage you to read a book written by an Indigenous author.

To get started, here’s a list of Own Voices Indigenous picture books:

Own Voices Indigenous Picture Books


For more information on this topic, check out American Indians in Children’s Literature

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