Horse Stories

Anyone who works around books has seen trends come and go. Feng Shui, eating paleo, macrame, vampires…

So what is always popular?

Horse Stories!
For our youngest equine fans:

A child creates her dream pony by drawing it on paper 
and imagining the adventures they would go on.

Harry keeps a horse in his room. 
A trusty horse only he can see.

The Classics:

Anna Sewell’s moving story is one of the best-loved
 animal adventures ever written.


On an island off the coasts of Virginia and Maryland 
lives a centuries-old band of wild ponies.
 Among them is the most mysterious of all, Phantom.

Horse Care:

Comprehensive and up-to-date reference on the care 
and management of a horse. 

For the adult lover of horses:

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One response to “Horse Stories”

  1. Ruth G. says:

    Reading this made me smile. This is so true! I still remember reading through the Marguerite Henry books as a child, and the Walter Farley books too. The Billy and Blaze books STILL have a great readership after so many decades. And remember My Friend Flicka?

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