Happy Candy Corn Day!

by Liz

I find candy corn to be a very polarizing candy. People either LOVE it or HATE it.

Not many in the middle when it comes to this autumn snack. I myself LOVE it. Imagine my delight when a friend passed these recipes my way!

I have not tested them all, but I can say for certain that the Candy Corn Magic Bars do not disappoint. Candy

Easy to make, I have gone through 3 batches in 2 weeks! Don’t worry, I shared. I love the stuff, but I do have some self control. Enjoy! And don’t forget to brush after!

Looking for some history to wow your fellows candy corn lovers with? Check out our Gale Virtual Reference Library for some quick facts on this sweet treat.





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  1. Candy corn is so gross. Sorry! 😉

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