Guitar Music for the Soul

by Brian

This month I’ve been inspired to explore the world of guitar playing.

andre-feriante-angelicaHearing guitarist and composer Andre Feriante play and speak about the healing sounds of music at the Sno-Isle Libraries TEDx event inspired me to seek out recordings by him and others that play in the flamenco style.

I’ve listened to two albums by Andre Feriante. Both are full of impassioned, free-flowing improvisational playing. His music is heartfelt and stays true to his belief in music as andre-feriantemeditative and healing:

“I’ll be exploring the healing powers of music through song and discussion…. I am passionate about this idea because I believe we are all connected as human beings, yet we still have so much pain and apathy in the world. This is my gift that I can pass on in my lifetime. When someone is touched by my music, it not only helps them, but it helps others in their life.” Andre Feriante


joe-bonamassaThis past month I lost a good friend and fellow musician/guitarist. My friend Rick was a guitar aficionado and performer of many styles of music on the guitar. He excelled in improvisational styles of music. His playing of the blues, soul and jazz, in particular, stand out in my mind. He spent many hours listening and learning from the best guitarists out there.

I am inspired by his lifetime passion for the guitar and have been seeking out and listening to the best performers and performances out there.buddy-guy

Guitar music for the soul or soul music for the guitar.  Either way you think about it, the incredible capabilities of this versatile instrument and performances by outstanding guitarists can be heard on these albums and many others in Sno-Isle Libraries’ collection of CDs.




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