Grill, You Know It’s True

by Marie B.

Summer is finally here and we are enjoying the great outdoors without a fleece jacket (mostly).  One of my own favorite summer pastimes is picnicking.  I might not be going far these days, but I still enjoy spreading out a blanket or setting up a lawn chair and enjoying a meal alfresco.  A major component for dining out of doors, in my humble opinion, is grilling.  There’s just something so magical about food prepared over a wood fire, charcoal briquettes, and, okay, sure, even a propane flame.  Grilled food simply tastes of summer.

The summer barbecue has undergone quite the renaissance in recent years.  When once you could expect hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, and maybe bratwurst and steak at the fancier dos, these days folks are serving up a veritable cornucopia of options.   Master techniques and discover delicious new favorites with  these options that will have you itching to fire up the grill.  What are you grilling?  Share in the comments below.

Grill, You Know It's True



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