Great Books for Gifting: Nonfiction*&sort=RELEVANCE&page=0&searchid=6*&sort=RELEVANCE&page=0&searchid=5

Nonfiction is like a candy shop – there is a perfect flavor for every
reader, and so many possibilities to choose from!  Ask your librarian
for suggestions to please each of the people on your gift list.  Here
are just a few suggestions to get you started:*&sort=RELEVANCE&page=0&searchid=7,%20a%20whale,%20and%20a%20walrus&relation=ALL&by=KW&term2=erickson&relation2=ALL&by2=KW&bool1=AND&bool4=AND&limit=TOM=*&sort=RELEVANCE&page=0&searchid=2*&sort=RELEVANCE&page=0&searchid=3



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