Gimme Shelter

by Marie B.

It’s time to deploy my winter plan, which involves donning my fuzzy slippers, procuring a warm beverage, and hunkering down with a good read. Yes, storms may be raging outside, but I will be snug as a bug.  Still, I do love the spectacle of stormy weather. Luckily, there are numerous books where a blizzard, nor’easter, or some other storm is practically another character.

One More River to Cross by Jane Kirkpatrick is a fictionalized account of the true-life experiences of Stephens-Murphy-Townsend wagon train, a group of settlers riding toward a new life in 1844 from Missouri to California.  Rooted in faith, the travelers meet many challenges together, but as winter in the Sierra Nevada mountains grows more and more bleak, emotions fray and the settlers find it more difficult to help each other.  Extremely well-researched, One More River to Cross is an excellent representative of the historical fiction genre.  This Christian fiction novel is by far the gentlest of the titles highlighted here.

The Perfect Storm by Sebastian Junger is the perfect book for fans of nonfiction that reads like fiction.  In 1991, the Andrea Gail went out for one last haul of swordfish for the season.  Her crew knew they were racing against a storm of epic proportion with waves eventually reaching a height of 100 feet and winds topping 120 miles per hour.  Junger takes a deep dive into sea rescues, the fishing industry and more, all to great effect.  If you’re thinking this story is ripe for the big screen, you’re right.  I highly recommend the film of the same name for a riveting, if somewhat sappy, experience.

Ararat by Christopher Golden tells the tale of a group of scientists and archaeologists on an expedition on Mount Ararat after an avalanche reveals a previously hidden cave.   Everyone and their brother wants to be first on the scene if the rumors are true and bits of Noah’s Ark have been found.  Excavations are inconclusive, but things get really weird when decidedly unholy remains are discovered.  The skull looks human, until you notice it sports horns.  This Bram Stoker Award winner is not for the faint of heart, but if you enjoy a creepy horror story, you’ll be glad to know that Ben Walker continues his terrifying adventures in The Pandora Room.  You might need a nightlight come bedtime.

What are your favorite stormy reads?  Please share in the comments below.  For now, you can leave your wellies and brolly in the closet, and try one of these suggestions.

Gimme Shelter

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