Gifts from the Heart: Do-It Yourself


by Dawn

Every year my family does a Pollyanna gift exchange (otherwise know as a Secret Santa), where we each get assigned one person in the extended clan. Lately it has sadly disintegrated into mostly gift cards, which seems a little pointless to me, but every now and then something wonderful comes from it. Undoubtedly the best present I ever received from this was a hand made latch-hook tree skirt from my grandma. It is not the most beautiful thing ever made, but tied to it was a note: “With every stitch, a kiss”. That little touch made it a treasure beyond words.

Maybe you aren’t the craftiest person, but there is still time to put your heart and good intentions into making something unique for that someone special (or distant cousin) in your life.  And Sno-Isle has just the books to help you! Here are some that are on the shelf as I type this:



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2 responses to “Gifts from the Heart: Do-It Yourself”

  1. Ruth says:

    Grandmas rock! I still have some old crocheted bedroom slippers that my grandma made for me probably 30 years ago. And some clothes hangers with crocheted coverings so that slippery fabrics don’t slide off. Every time I see those things, it makes me feel happy. Thanks for sharing these happy thoughts.

  2. Liz says:

    We use that exact same tree skirt! Passed down from my Mother-in-Law to us, it was made by my husband’s grandma 30 years ago! Our is showing a bit of wear. Every year I think I should get a kit and make us a new one, but I just can’t bring myself to do it. I love having part of her in our celebration!

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