Genre Movie Challenge

By Grant P. & Michelle C.

Your faithful film bloggers here at Sno-Isle don’t always agree on what makes a good movie. Sno-Isle collects 15(!) different film genres and Michelle and I have decided to select a film to suggest in each genre and … we are going to watch 3 films from our opposition’s list, and blog about that experience in coming weeks. Onwards to the list.  Both of us are not looking forward to this “challenge.”














Science Fiction








Can you tell which list was Grant’s and which list was Michelle’s (hint: Michelle’s list has all the watchable movies)? What do you think of our choices? Any movies that we should have listed?

Make sure you check back with us in a couple weeks to see our reaction to watching each other’s picks!



19 responses to “Genre Movie Challenge”

  1. Grant says:

    We have very different definitions of “watchable”

  2. Jackie P. says:

    I actually had to scroll back up to verify that you didn’t say whose list was whose, since it was so obvious to me. Awesome post!

  3. Checking out Wonderfalls now!

  4. Abby B. says:

    You know, you can tell which list is which simply by seeing how many females are on the covers of the films in each row.
    Just sayin’… 😉

    • Grant Perrigo says:

      90% of my choices pass the Bechdel Test. Only 80% of Michelle’s choices do. (This hasn’t been verified)

      • Abby B. says:

        You underestimate what I can accomplish with an hour of desk time the night before Thanksgiving. *cracks knuckles*

        One list has a 30% pass rate on the Bechdel Test, (with some debate over a few movies passing 1 one of the 3 criteria only – if you add the movies together to make one passable films, that raises the percentage to 38%).
        The other list has a straight-up 90% pass rate (though reviews on were missing for more films with this list, so if you count the non-reviewed items as not passing – which is generous considering one of the movies is about a female assassin – it would bring the pass rate to 69.2%) .

        Soooo, yeah.
        Feel free to submit your stats to #FakeLibraryStatistics, though. 😀

      • Michelle C. says:

        Just counting the amount of females on the covers, I think you could tell that Grant was fibbing. I wonder if it counts as passing the Bechdel Test if a female human is talking to a female puppet (as is Labyrinth). 🙂

      • Alez says:

        Abby, that was brilliant! (And one should never underestimate desk time on a quiet night). I similarly based my guess about who created each list on the presence of women, both on the covers and in the cast as well.

        Though I also felt the Educational DVDs were a good tip off by themselves.

      • Jackie P. says:

        Abby FTW. If I could like a comment, I would like that so hard.

  5. David M says:

    “The Third Man” is a very watchable classic, but I confess I’ve seen “Dr. Horrible” more times.

    • Michelle C. says:

      To be fair, “Dr. Horrible” is only 45 minutes long so you can watch it twice in the amount of time it takes to get through “The Third Man.”

  6. Kaley says:

    How is Hoop Dreams treating you, Michelle?

    • Michelle C. says:

      My hold still hasn’t come in yet so I might have to watch another movie instead. Grant’s Musical choice actually looks pretty good!

  7. Stacey says:

    Still sad Wonderfalls only lasted one season.

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