It’s Gemini Season

by Lois H.

Buckle up everybody because it’s Gemini season. For some, it’s a time of loathing or choice memes. For me and my fellow airy twins…this is our time.

Gemini season runs from about May 21 to June 21. This is the time of year when the sun transits the Gemini constellation. According to astrology, those born between these dates share Gemini as their Sun Sign and thus share personality traits. The Gemini constellation is associated with twins: Castor and Pollux of Greek and Roman mythology. Because of this, we get a bad rap for being seen as two-faced or easily changeable.

I can’t deny that we may be a little flighty. The Gemini sign is classified as a mutable air sign, making us a little more flexible and all over the place. However, we’re ruled by the planet Mercury, named after the Roman god of communication. So yes, on our worst days maybe we can be indecisive or impulsive. But we’re also fun to talk to, rarely bored (or boring), and super adaptable.

Am I biased? Probably. But I think we’re pretty great.

In honor of the season, I made a list of essential materials for my fellow twins and all of those who want to understand us a little better:

Gemini Season

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