Feline Be Mine!

By Julie T.

June is Adopt-a-Cat Month! I am an unabashed, lifelong cat lover. The longest period I lived without feline companionship was during college. By senior year I was done waiting, so I went to a Seattle animal shelter and co-adopted Mickey and Minnie with a friend. It was love at first sight. I hope that wherever you are and whatever your circumstances, you and your loved ones are doing well. For me, animals are a big part of my overall well-being.


If you are thinking of welcoming a cat into your family this month or sometime soon, you can find numerous books on everything from health care, understanding the cat psyche, crafting with cat hair, and modifying your home for their needs. I’ve curated a starter kit of sorts, though the titles are helpful to even the most seasoned ailurophile.

Meet a few unofficial members of our Readers’ Services Team!

Our Readers’ Services Team members have welcomed many kittens and cats in their homes and hearts over the years. SPRINKLES may have traveled the farthest, finding a home with Marina M. after journeying from Mississippi to The NOAH Center in Stanwood. Guiness, an elder states-cat, has enjoyed years of friendship with Melleny T. And last but not least, my cat of many, many nicknames: Mickey (seen here enjoying fresh air in Forks).

Share your favorite animal shelters and resources with us in the comments! Check out the book list below for helpful information on living with cats.

Feline Be Mine

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2 responses to “Feline Be Mine!”

  1. Erin L. says:

    I would totally recommend Jackson Galaxy! His book “Total Cat Mojo” is a compilation of advice from his many years working with shelter cats and cats in homes. Every nugget of information he has to offer is in there in an accessible format. You don’t have to read cover to cover but pick the subjects you need most. On a personal note I got to meet him on his book tour and he was great!

  2. Maria Kelly says:

    As companions and homesharers, cats are ideal. Loyal and affectionate Clever and acrobatic Clean and conscientious Lovely to look at and soft to the touch Quiet and restful Great listeners. They sense and respond to our emotions and needs. Seeing the world through their eyes is a wonderful experience. Unlike the false rumors about them, they need and want to give love. As small creatures they deserve protection from harm and abuse, living inside with a warm place to sleep and water and good food and a little play time–you will be well rewarded.

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