Magical Love in Fantasy Romance

by Jocelyn

I’ve always enjoyed immersing myself in alternate worlds and cultures, so fantasy novels are a mainstay on my reading list. But for me, a fantasy novel is best when it also contains a romance within it.

With fantasy romance, the growing romantic relationship is at the heart of the story, but it is one also rich in fantasy elements like magical foes, perilous quests, and imaginary worlds. Romantic relationships generally give readers the opportunity to see many different facets of a character as they deal with emotional challenges and conflicts as well as normal issues like trust, class divisions, and so on. But the fantasy setting often lets the author take it to the next level, as characters must focus on higher goals like saving the world (no pressure!) as they face their inner fears and fall in love.

Are you ready to get lost in some magically romantic reads?

The Mark of the Tala – Jeffe Kennedy
This is the first novel in the Twelve Kingdoms trilogy about the daughters of High King Uorsin. When Andromeda – the middle daughter, the one who’s always felt out of step with the world – meets Rayfe, her life takes a drastic turn. For Rayfe is the King of the Tala, an enemy people full of magic, and he wants Andromeda to be his bride.

Warprize – Elizabeth Vaughan
Daughter of a warrior-king, Lara is a healer who treats the injured regardless of their nationality. When her half-brother, the King, negotiates to truce with the attacking Firelanders, he offers Lara as a slave, a Warprize, to seal the deal. To save her people from more suffering, she accepts her new role. But she knows nothing about these barbarians, or what being a Warprize really means. As they move across the plains, she begins to learn their customs and language, and to fall in love.

Radiance and Eidolon – Grace Draven
A duology that follows Ildiko, a human, and Brishen, a Kai, as they fall in love and face challenges like racism, horrible in-laws, and political intrigue. The two are married to seal a political alliance, but their two species find each other repulsive. As their love grows, we see that the mind and character are just as key to attraction and building a strong relationship as outer beauty.

Heartmate – Robin D. Owens
Welcome to Celta, a world where social rank comes from the power of one’s psychic power, where blood feuds can wipe out entire families, and where the greatest love one can hope to find is that of a fated heartmate. In this first novel of the Heart Mates series, nobleman Rand T’Ash has discovered his fated heartmate. Since the law states that he cannot tell Danith Mallow what she is to him, he sets out to woo her. But he grew up in the slums after his entire family was killed, so his grasp of the social niceties is somewhat lacking. Can Danith see past his faults to the man beneath? Will she claim her heartmate?

Are you a fan of fantasy romance? Do you have any suggested reads?


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  1. Elizabeth Moore says:

    I loved the Celta books by Robin Owens. I’ll try some of the others that you’ve listed.

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