Fantastic Fictional Fathers

by Melleny T.

Atticus Finch

As Father’s Day approaches, I would like to honor all the great dads out there by sharing some of my favorite fictional fathers (and father figures). Now, these dads aren’t perfect (because who is, and how boring would that be?), but they do their best to help their kids grow and thrive in difficult times. They understand their children and make the necessary difficult decisions and personal sacrifices out of love for them.

Any list like this would be incomplete without the father of all fathers, Atticus Finch. His every word and deed is golden, and his actions and advice are just as relevant and sorely needed today as they were nearly 60 years ago. (Oh, and I refuse to let his magnificence be tarnished by the suspicious release of a discarded rough draft I will never read).

Check out more admirable fathers in this list* of books and films you can access online.

*An important note: I admit there is not as much diversity as I would like here. Most of these dads are from classics, and I am limited right now by our library’s online offerings. I would love for you to comment and share the fantastic fictional fathers you’ve encountered who would add some much-needed variety to this list.

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2 responses to “Fantastic Fictional Fathers”

  1. Kathy S says:

    THere is a picture book and a short film available on youtube that perfectly expresses the best of fatherhood: “Hair Love” by Matthew Cherry. It just melts my heart

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