Thinking and Drinking

by Melleny T.

Tyrion Lannister meme

Pairing knowledge and adult beverages is nothing new (pairing stupidity and adult beverages is also nothing new, but I digress).

In case you didn’t know, pub trivia is a thing, and apparently a big enough thing to have controversy. In many communities, it’s even a library thing.

If you’re a dedicated nerd and really want to take it up a notch beyond displaying your intellectual prowess at the local bar, you’ll want to check out the books on this lovingly curated list.

Here you’ll find a variety of tasty tomes to appeal to your inner nerd, no matter if you prefer to geek out on literature, science, history, or pop culture. Within these pages, you will find pleasingly punny literary libations, discover the geektastic origins of your favorite beverages, and learn how to inject some serious science into your mixology game.

Whether you want to start up a conversation with your friendly neighborhood bartender, delight your fellow nerds with a themed party, or just read some fun and interesting stuff while rolling your eyes aplenty, this list has you covered.



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