Don’t I Know You?

by Marie B.

Are you a people watcher like me?  While it’s true that I kouldn’t kare less about keeping up with the Kardashians (no judgement here!), I do generally enjoy reading about famous people.  Chances are good that I’ll never meet anyone famous in real life, but I can encounter them in a story.  That’s right:  even if you’re not into biographies and memoirs, you can still enjoy a bookish celebrity encounter.

The easiest way to meet a celebrity in a story is by way of biographical fiction.  Here the celebrity is the main attraction and readers expect to get up close and personal with the lives and times of their favorite famous people.  In White Houses by Amy Bloom, readers are invited to come as close as they dare to First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and journalist Lorena Hickock.  This moving, romantic story brings history and literary fiction together with a generous dollop of LGBTQIA diversity.

Perhaps you are more interested in hobnobbing by happenstance.  There are plenty of novels peopled with celebrities as main or supporting characters.  In these, although the celebrities themselves may play an important role, the story is real star.  The Last Days of Night by Graham Moore tells the suspenseful story of how the pioneers of electricity fought for supremacy – using every dirty trick in the book – in the burgeoning market.  This is a veritable who’s who of the early days of electricity, perfect for fans of historical fiction and suspense.  Side note:  Although not affiliated with this book, now showing in theaters is The Current War starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Edison and Michael Shannon as Westinghouse.

I’ve put together a list of books featuring famous people.  Discover more books starring famous figures in NoveList Plus.  Please share your favorites with us in the comments below.

Don't I Know You?

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4 responses to “Don’t I Know You?”

  1. lisa says:

    Thank you for sharing, Marie. I love biographical fiction, especially mysteries where celebrities are main or supporting characters. I look forward to diving into some of these suggestions.

  2. Erin L. says:

    The Mitford Murders by Jessica Fellowes (the niece of Downton Abby creator Julian Fellowes) has a fictional main character but she is put in a governess/nanny position for the Mitford sisters when they were children. I was caught off guard because I did not even know these were historical figures before starting the book but then found out more about them by reading other material. Interesting family to say the least. Also, the book follows the real life murder case of Florence Nightingale Shore (niece of the famous Florence Nightingale) that was never officially solved.

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